Genworth’s New Policy Starts July 21

This is yet another change to Genworth’s current PC Flex policy. There are more restrictions, fewer options and tighter underwriting.

* Maximum benefit from $400 to $300 per day (equivalent monthly).
* 5 year is maximum benefit period, no more 6,8,10 year plans.
* Agency requirement.
* Discontinued: Transition Benefit, Restoration Benefit, Refund of Premium.
* Minimum age from 18 to 40.
* Multiple policies no longer allowed.

Long term care insurance is becoming more difficult to buy because of higher costs and stricter underwriting. The sooner you buy your policy the better deal you will get.

About Partnership for Long Term Care

Promoting the idea of preventing long term care from financially devastating families by insuring for long term care with state Partnership qualified policies.
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